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Ribbed Cotton Rich Socks

Socks for those who live thoughtfully

Hancrafted British cotton and wool socks designed to last through all of life's precious moments

Womens Socks

Elevate your style and make a positive impact with our range of women's sustainable socks, proudly made in Great Britain.

Mens Socks

Our premium cotton men’s socks have been designed for long-lasting quality and comfort and crafted with British manufacturers. Made with pride, with the future in mind.

Wool hats

Discover the perfect wool beanie hat to complete your winter wardrobe. Whether you prefer 100% merino our 100% British wool, our hats come in a range of colours to suit your style. Each hat is expertly crafted in Great Britain for a combination of warmth and elegance.

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Why Wool?

Wool is the ultimate eco-fibre. It’s 100% natural, renewable, and biodegradable.

 And it’s not just great for the planet. It’s been used for clothing for centuries because it’s easy to care for and, crucially, it lasts. If you get a rip or tear along the way, a simple bit of darning will make them brand-new again. Fast fashion? Not here. 

 All our wool is sourced sustainably from certified suppliers who take pride in what they do and produce the world’s best wool. So you can trust you’ve got socks to last a lifetime. 

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Made in Great Britain

All our socks are made in the UK with the support of highly-skilled craftsmen.

Every sock is made with care and attention to detail. By producing in the UK, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint whilst still creating high-quality, long-lasting designs.